The darkest hour, once again



(August 15, 2021) The Taliban regain power in Afghanistan, and Western politicians fall from the clouds: "But how did they manage to conquer all of Afghanistan in such a short time?" the fake naive ask themselves ... but with the weapons, money and political support of Pakistan, which had armed and supported them even in the 1990s, and especially Russia and China, who are using them to do the dirty work, as usual, or kicking America out of Central Asia, of course!

"But this time they said they will make a democratic government" object the fake naive Westerners ... But you who are reading this post, do you really believe that this time the Taliban will not stone women who will not wear the burka, they will not force men to grow a beard, won't they behead young people guilty of listening to music with a scimitar in stadiums? You say, DO-YOU-REALLY-BELIEVE-IT?

"The Americans have spent billions of dollars and failed to induce the Taliban to surrender" observe Western journalists with undisguised complacency (being practically all left-wing, anti-American and pro-Islamic) ... Of course! If they really wanted to win in Afghanistan, the Americans shouldn't have tried to persuade the Taliban to surrender; they should, purely and simply, EXTERMINATE THEM, KILL THEM ALL FROM THE FIRST TO THE LAST, because this is how you win over the Muslims: not trying to convince them to surrender, but by KILLING ANYONE TAKING ARMS AGAINST AMERICA AND AGAINST THE WEST. If you are fighting by doing only some spectacular bombardment for the camera, if you spare the lives of your enemies because you want to prepare to deal with them and make them friends, you are fighting with your hands tied behind your back, and therefore you have already lost, because you have trusted yourself to the convenience your enemy may have in coming to terms with you instead of wiping him out with a superior force.

The truth is that the Americans have lost in Afghanistan from the very beginning, that is, since they proclaimed that they would leave as soon as they overthrew the Taliban regime: in this way they handed the victory into the hands of the enemy, because this knew that it would be enough for him to hide in the mountains, wait patiently, and resist at least a day or an hour longer than the Americans. In fact, the Americans were so eager to get out of Afghanistan, that they withdrew their troops without even bothering to rescue their diplomats, the many civilian employees who now - God forbid! - will be massacred by the Taliban, who just had to wait with Islamic patience and stay alive until today.

And finally, the pearl of idiocy of Western journo hacks: "The singular thing is that Western diplomats flee from Kabul, but Russian diplomats say they will not leave" ... But of course! Russia has been the main financier of the Taliban for twenty years: it has given them money, weapons and UN support; Putin, the Cheekist who became Tsar, used them for twenty years as a thorn in the side of the Americans, as proof to show the small tyrants of Central Asia that America was weak, cowardly, and that therefore it was more convenient for them to ally with the Russian Bear instead of the American Eagle. So why should the Taliban now bite their master's hand? Perhaps Khomeini, after ousting the Shah and seizing power in Iran, while sending his followers to storm the American embassy and take its staff hostage for more than a year, did the same with the Russian embassy?

But what always leaves us disconcerted is the false naivety of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (self-styled Pope): "I follow with concern what is happening in Afghanistan", he says ... as if this Jesuit had not done everything to undermine the legitimacy of the Western presence in that country, to take away the credibility of this imperfect attempt to "export democracy", to convince the West that Islam does not constitute a danger to the freedom of Mankind when the blood shed by thousands of innocents - primarily Christians - massacred by Muslims in the name of the false god Allah and of the false prophet, true pedophile and true murderer Mohammed, is there, every day, to prove the contrary; but evidently the Jesuit Bergoglio, heir to the ancient Jesuit theological school of 1600 which claimed, thanks to "discernment", to be able to absolve even those guilty of murder, believes himself capable of persuading Christians and all the inhabitants of the West that 2 + 2 does not always mean 4, that the grass in summer is not green and that the snow, at times, can also be black ...

For our part, we Templars, mindful of 700 and more years of a path marked by progress and setbacks, by victories and defeats, we know well that this dark hour will pass, as the dark hour passed when all of Europe was a happy slave under Hitler's heel, just as the dark hour passed when the Americans fled Saigon because they had lost faith in their mission. Therefore, we Templars are preparing to RESIST, RESIST, RESIST until the day when a new Churchill, a new Reagan, a new Wojtyla will arise, and the tyrants who oppress Eurasia today will be defeated and thrown into the dustbin of History, as it was for their predecessors. The path of Mankind towards the World Empire will continue, because the World Empire is the only answer to the thirst for Infinity that dwells in the heart and mind of every human being born into the world: a universal State for universal creatures.


Sigillum Triplex

Advenit Novus Ordo Seclorum

Annuit Coeptis



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