Sing the Song of Rebellion!



(01/15/2016) Brothers and sisters around the world! It's been ten years since we Templars created the Globalist Party to enlighten the minds and hearts of the men and women of our time about the goodness and the unavoidability of the union of all mankind into one World Empire. In these ten years, thanks to your support, we made impressive strides: our website is followed every day by thousands of people, and our Facebook page Partito.Mondialista, created only four years ago, has today more than 200,000 likes. You think about it? You are more than 200,000! What country on earth can boast of having an army of 200,000 soldiers? Very few ...

Brothers and sisters, if the bloody Sunni Caliphate massacres and oppresses hundreds of thousands of innocent people with an army of tens of thousands of men, what could not do you, who are more than 200,000? A single chain binds you: your inaction.

Therefore break your chains, stand up and fight for the values that have declared to share by clicking "Like" on our Facebook page!

Fight against Islamic theocratic regimes in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, across the Persian Gulf and around the Middle East!

Fight against the fascist regime of Vladimir Putin, against the communist regimes that oppress China, Vietnam, Burma and all of Indochina, against the regimes of Castro mafia, of Maduro, of Morales, of the drug traffickers and corrupt politicians that infest all of South America!

Fight against Boko Haram, against the Shabaab, al Qaeda and against the Islamic State, fight against dictatorships and corrupt governments starving Africa!

Fight against those who discriminate women, who persecute non-Muslims, who want to destroy Israel, the United States and the entire free and democratic West!

Fight against those who do not allow you to keep your partners by the hand in the streets and squares, fight against all those who do not allow you to dance together, boys and girls, to attend together with a concert or a football game or basketball, drive a car, to vote, to think, believe and pray as you want, and to say what you think, without being persecuted and killed!

Brothers and sisters, the true God, the God of Life, Freedom and Peace, gives all strength and power to those who freely choose not to remain motionless, who freely choose to fight for life, freedom, democracy and human rights. So stand up and fight!

Fight with bombs, rifles and guns! Fight with spears, swords, axes, knives and stones! Fight with teeth and nails, fight with kicks and punches! Fight with the pen and the mouse, fight with PCs, tablets and smartphones! Fight with your voices, raise the song of rebellion!

Brothers and sisters around the world, be aware that your redemption is nearer now than when we Globalists started to reveal to you. You all, discriminated, persecuted and oppressed, you do not have to lose but your chains, and you have to win a future of freedom, peace and prosperity for you, for your son, and for the sons of your sons. Remember always that "they", your enemies, the enemies of freedom, democracy, human rights and peace, "they" are the past, while you are the future. And for this reason you will win.

Globalists of all countries, unite!

  Sigillum Triplex

annuit coeptis



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