Our Christmas gift 2014: overthrow the tyrants with oil



(12/18/2014) The Managing Committee of the Globalist Party, the executive branch of the International Society "New Atlantis for a World Empire", announces that the operation "Freedom Oil" is in progress. Henceforth the price of oil and gas will fall down, down, down and down, in order to undermine the economies of rogue states who use their energy resources as a weapon of blackmail against the West and of the free world, and as a source of financing murderer terrorism: Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, and to inspire in those countries popular uprisings and regime changes towards democracy.

The operation "Freedom Oil" was made possible by the extraordinary success achieved by the United States of America in the exploitation of their huge reserves of oil and gas from shale rocks, the "shale revolution" that in few years led US by the condition of largest importer of oil and gas in the world to an almost complete energy self-sufficiency, and that soon, very soon, will enable North America to supply Europe for oil and gas at low prices, freeing the peoples of Europe from subjection to Moscow and countries of the Middle East hegemonized by Islam.

Again, Science and Technology join forces with Liberty and Democracy to pave the way for the human race to the final goal, the World Empire of Human Rights. For this reason, as we approach the day when mankind will celebrate the first coming in the world of the Son of God, we Globalists thank the Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, in whose Holy Name we act, and we renew our firm intention to continue fighting, by any means, for the removal of all old-growth ethno-national sovereignty and the creation of a World Empire, federal and Liberal, which brings peace, prosperity, freedom and justice for all. This is our Christmas gift in 2014 to the human race. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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Advenit novus ordo seclorum

annuit coeptis



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