In Libya, our huntress has just begun



(02/06/2016) Last January 13, in the Libyan city of Sirte since last summer suffering under the yoke of bloody Islamic Caliphate, the Sudanese Hamad Abdel Hady, nicknamed Abu Anas Al-Muhajer, who as a Sharia court judge had sown terror among the population, has been erased from this world with a single, accurate shot in the head while he was near a hospital. Six days later, on January 19, the commander of Isis in Libya Abu Mohammed Dernawi received the same right punishment for his crimes. Finally, for now (but only for now), January 23 Abdullah Hamad al-Ansari, jihadi commander from the occupied city of Obari, in the south of that country, was shot in the same way as he left a mosque. The Isis militias in Sirte have fallen prey to a blind terror, and began a series of raids and indiscriminate arrests in a vain attempt to capture the mysterious and elusive sniper, who meanwhile the Sirte residents and social media around the world have baptized "Daesh Hunter". Much things have been written about his identity in these days: someone believes he is an anti-Isis militant from the city of Misrata, others think he is an ex-soldier from Libyan army, and others believe he is a soldier of US special forces. The only point on which everyone agrees is that he is an exceptional cold-blooded person, well-trained to hit his targets with a single, accurate shot fired from above and then escape without attracting attention, a thing even more surprising in a city like Sirte where the Caliphate gunmen control everything that moves. Well, we in the Globalist Party are now able to say a word of truth about this affair: the mysterious "Daesh Hunter" is one of our agents. Indeed, a lady agent.

She was only nine years in October 2001, when she was found among the blackened ruins of what had been her home. She was the third daughter of an Afghan village headman who had rebelled against the Taliban. The Islamic fanatics first killed under her innocent eyes the father, mother and two brothers, then raped her in turn for a day and a night, and finally set fire to the house to erase the traces of their abjection. Heaven would that a patrol of marines arrived on the site found her still alive, and so she was entrusted to our care. She had been reduced to a pitiable state, poor little girl: her body was plagued by serious burns, bruises and injuries to the genitals caused by the serial rapes she had suffered, and we need to subject her to a number of highly advanced surgical operations to reconstruct her internal organs and his face disfigured by fire, but her psychological condition was even worse; she was virtually reduced to a vegetable, unable to stand, walk and even speak, she refused to eat and tried twice to commit suicide. Only after three years of psychotherapy she recovered, and the miracle happened when one of our recruiters gave her a loaded gun and told her: "Now you choose: you can use it to kill you and put an end to your pain, or you can use it to ensure that no other child should more suffer what you suffered." Since she learned to shoot with all firearms, to kill using a pencil, to package bombs with bread and to live under many identities: she took the name of Asiya, which in Arabic means "woman who raises the faint", and when she was eighteen she pronounced the oath of affiliation to the Globalist Party. Asiya since killed many leaders of Islamic terrorism in Judea and Samaria, Gaza, Iraq and Iran; when we Globalists suspected that Isis was settling in Libya, we decided to infiltrate her into jihadi militias from Syria, and therefore she came to Sirte and began first to identify the main representatives of the Caliphate, and then to erase them.

Here, friends of the Web, this is the true story of "Lady Daesh Hunter": a story of pain and martyrdom, but also a story of redemption and engagement to the liberation of mankind from the threat of fundamentalist, bloodthirsty and murderess Islam. All of us must be grateful to the men and women like Asiya, men and women who every day risk their lives to break down all the terrorists, tyrants and dictators lay and theocratic who oppress billions of innocent people all over the planet, and to unite all mankind into one World Empire that will ensure peace, prosperity, freedom and justice to all men, women, kids and girls of the world. To you Daesh terrorists, instead, we Globalists say: repent ye and turn to God, or the Angel of Death will strike you infallibly and very soon. Our huntress has just begun.


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Annuit Coeptis



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