Dying for Taiwan? Yes!



(September 20, 2021) In 1931, when Japan invaded China under the pretext of capital invested in the construction of the Manchurian railway, the Western pacifists said that Manchuria was not worth dying for, because after all they were only Chinese; then in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland under the pretext of protecting the German-speaking community residing in Danzig, the Western pacifists said it was not worth dying for Danzig; but then Germany invaded France, Japan invaded the Philippines, Indochina, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma, came a step away from India, destroyed the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, and then the United States of America understood that if they did not send their soldiers to die on the shores of Guadalcanal and Normandy, the German empire would extend across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Long Island, and the Japanese empire would expand. across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of California.

Since then, the United States of America has come to understand that totalitarian regimes are insatiable and patient monsters: no matter how many victims you throw into their jaws, no matter how many blows you give them on the head, they never get full, they never stop, until have devoured the whole world, or until you kill them.

Germany first tried to eat the whole of Europe in 1914 under the leadership of Kaiser Wilhelm II, it was beaten but not killed, so in 1939 it tried again harder than before under the leadership of Hitler, and that once to stop it, it was necessary to level all its cities with carpet bombing, land in Normandy and fight house by house, inch of earth by inch of earth for 4 long years.

Japan in its first expansionist test ate half of Asia, and to stop it, it was necessary to use not one, but two atomic bombs.

Russia tried for 500 years to reach the "warm seas" and conquer Eurasia under the leadership of a band of kleptocrats led by the Tsars who enriched themselves on the skin of the people, then from 1917 to 1989 it ate half of Europe and a half Asia under the leadership of another gang of communist kleptocrats, then from 1989 to 2000 it was ruled by a third band of kleptocrats led by Boris Yeltsin who believed it was more prudent to profess pro-Western to preserve the unjustly plundered wealth, and is now governed from a fourth band of kleptocrats led by Vladimir Putin who believe that the wind has changed and it is more profitable preying with the pretext of defending the "Russianness"; but Russia always continues to be a totalitarian regime, ruled by kleptocrats, which wants to conquer all of Eurasia.

China, after being closed to the outside world and to progress for two thousand years and having sold its gold, silks and spices to the West at a high price for two thousand years, now wants to continue to be closed to the outside world and to progress and sell the West its rare earth elements and its "green" technologies at a high price, but in the meantime, it wants to eat Taiwan with the pretext that it is "historically Chinese".

As for Islam, for 1,400 years it has been trying to conquer the whole world with weapons in hand under the pretext of spreading faith in the false god Allah and the false prophet Muhammad, and now Iran is close to acquiring the atomic bomb and has already Russian, Chinese and North Korean-made missiles to launch it as far as Rome and Berlin.

The United States of America are well aware that if they allow Russia to eat half of Ukraine today on the pretext that Ukraine is "the homeland of Russian culture and religion", in five years Russia will also eat the Baltic republics under the pretext that those territories are "historically Russian" and inhabited by Russian-speaking communities, then Poland-Romania-Bulgaria-Czechia Slovakia and Hungary will be eaten on the pretext that they have been part of the Russian sphere of influence for 70 years; and at that point, when Eastern Europe will be covered with missile bases and Russian tanks they will be deployed on the Oder-Neisse and at the border of Gorizia, French, German and Italian will bow to the kleptocrat on duty in the Kremlin as their great-grandparents bowed to Hitler and Mussolini, and how their grandparents had bowed to Stalin if the United States had not protected them for seventy long years in spite of their ingratitude (they would bow today, if a bad conscience not them detained).

The United States knows are well aware that if they allow China to eat Taiwan in 2030, in 2040 it also will eat Japan, the Philippines, the entire South- East Asia to Australia, it will impose its domain across the Pacific, and threaten the shores of California as did Japan in 1941.

The United States of America are well aware that if they allow Iran to destroy the State of Israel under the pretext that it is "Islamic land", the same missiles and atomic bombs with which Tel Aviv will be destroyed will be aimed at Rome, Berlin, Paris and London to force Europe to submit to the false god Allah and the false prophet Mohammed, and then even more powerful missiles will be aimed at New York and Washington to subdue to Islam America too.

This is why the United States of America are well aware that yes, it is worth dying today for Kiev, for Taiwan and for Tel Aviv. And for this reason, they will win once again.



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